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If in your native country, you did not attend school or if the way of writing or speaking in your own language is very different from the one used in the Netherlands, then writing and reading in Dutch may prove to be very challenging for you.

Dutch law dictates however, that you will need these effective communication skills in order to fully integrate in to the Netherlands.

To be able to integrate well, it is important for you to meet the required language skills level. In order to meet this required standard it may be necessary for you attend a Literacy NT2 course.

Literacy NT2 courses are delivered at Capabel Taal. Capabel Taal, where you will be taught Dutch, through the literacy method of Alfaflex.

 The Alfaflex method offers you an easy and effective way to learn the language through utilising  a wide range of delivery methods, which will meet your individual learning style.

The Literacy NT2 course consists of three sections. Each course section is delivered over 26 weeks. During this time, you will be required to attend a series of lessons at Capabel Taal, where you will receive the highest level of support and guidance from committed, professionally qualified teaching staffs.

If you are interested in attending our course, please register yourself, or sign up for a free information pack.

Price overview

3 classes per week
26 weeks

Starting from € 461,- a month
(6 periods)

Pay at once €2,500,-