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Exam Training

If you did not pass one or more elements of the Integration Exam, our exam training may be ideal for you. During the exam training the teacher will support you with successfully completing these elements. If for example you had difficulties with writing, your teacher will support you in areas such as dictations, writing and grammar exercises.

The exam training at Capabel Taal can also be attended by people who studied at home for their integration, but who may need some extra support to pass the exam. All elements of the exam are integrated in the training.

You will be required to attend the exam training at Capabel Taal for a period of 14 weeks, two part time days a week and our excellent supportive teaching staff will work with you, in order for you to successfully pass the remaining elements of your exam.

If you are interested in attending our course, please register yourself, or sign up for a free information pack

Price overview

2 dagdelen per week les 4 dagdelen per week les (recommended)
14 weeks

Starting from € 524,- a month
(3 periods)

Pay at once €1,428,-