The Delftse Methode

Delftse Methode

In the eighties the Delftse Methode was developed by the University of Delft (whose name the method still bears). In the following 25 years the method has become very popular and is offered widely.

The Delftse Methode is suited for all student groups, independent of level or cultural background.

The Delftse Methode is straightforward and unambiguous in its design and characterizes itself by the following didactical principles:

  • The texts let you become acquainted with the Dutch language as well as with Dutch culture.
  • From the very beginning of the course you will learn many words with which you can have low barrier practical conversations.
  • The lessons focus on verbal communication training and listening skills.
  • Important grammar is explained through the delivery of clear examples and not by means of theory.
  • The words the student will learn are translated in more than 26 different languages.

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