Quality label

Capabel Taal beschikt over het Blik op Werk keurmerk

Capabel Taal has been awarded the Quality Label Integration from Blik op Werk. If you would like to be eligible for a DUO study loan for your course, then the provider of the course must possess this quality label. This quality label guarantees and assures that you receive a quality focused course.

Blik op Werk’s Integration department requires a defined level of service from Capabel Taal, to which we have to adhere in order to receive the quality label. An organization is awarded the quality label if it adheres to the requirements set for teachers, running times of the courses, percentages of exams passed, privacy management, complaints management and customer satisfaction.

All these requirements are verified by an auditor during a visit to our school.

As an organization we are proud announce that since 2007 we have continually adhered to all these requirements.

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Also on Blik op Werk’s customer research Capabel Taal scored well above sufficient!

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