DUO study loan

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If for whatever reason you do not have the costs available finances to attend your chosen course, you can apply for a loan with DUO. Capabel Taal has been awarded the Blik op Werk quality label, which means our courses qualify for a DUO loan, especially for integration.

Capabel Taal helps you with the application of your DUO loan and you can begin the course, whilst your application is being approved. In almost all cases we succeed in getting the loan approved for our students. However, if this proves not to be the case, you may always and at any time cancel your course without costs. In this way you never run a risk!

10% korting bij een DUO lening

If you pay with a DUO loan you will receive  10% discount on your course. An extra reason to let DUO advance your course!

As well as applying for a loan to finance your course, you may also apply for a loan for the exam as well.

Would you like to know more about all possibilities of the DUO loan? Please let us inform you, free of charge and without obligations.